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International Trends and Services

“…to provide resources and support to people of color across global borders.”

The mission of the International Trends and Services Facet (ITS) of The Greater New York Chapter of the Links, Inc. (GNY) is to provide resources and support to people of color across global borders.

In recent years, the ITS Facet worked with the United Nations to establish a footprint in Haiti by providing aid, housing, and clean water to the community of Croix de Mission. ITS’ efforts and initiatives led to on-the-ground successes including: Distributing forty care packages; building two homes; and installing of eight wells which now provide more than 20,000 Haitians with clean water sources. The Fact also hosted workshops on technology, finance, and entrepreneurship for dozens of Haitian women.

As part of the Chapter’s expanded Umbrella Program initiatives, ITS has created a Global Girls Connect Animation Program featuring the visual artist Ezra Wube in partnership with The Africa Center. The program is comprised of four hands on virtual workshops where each student will create her own animated video and sculpture depicting a female African superhero. Program goals are learning elements of visual design, digital literacy skills, digital publishing skills and providing a springboard for an interest in STEAM.