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The Arts

“Exploring art through the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.”

The Arts Facet of the Greater New York (GNY) Links Chapter innovatively explores art through the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). The Arts Facet has supported our Umbrella Program initiatives by setting the goal to educate, elevate, and inspire youth through the power of the creative arts with the goal of developing skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them do well academically and succeed in life after high school.

In partnership with the Harlem Boys and Girls Club, supporting students at the Frederick Douglass Academy, The Arts Facet has established a 6th Grade Book Club featuring titles that focus on positive self-image and cultural heritage. The club consists of a series of Story Hours and will culminate with an essay competition with each girl describing the impact /key takeaways of the book series on her life. Recently, the program has created partnerships to continue to provide COVID-friendly curated experiences. As an example, The Arts designed a Virtual Gallery Tour of the Hampton University Museum to keep students connected to the arts even during a time of social distancing.

The Arts Facet also advances a mission to support those exposed to or at-risk for domestic violence. The Facet’s efforts include volunteering for the Urban Women’s Retreat and hosting an annual holiday party for survivors of domestic violence.

Today the Art Facet continues to develop and support a STEAM education approach. The GNY Links Chapter’s newest initiative allows its sisters the opportunity to collaborate and integrate related programming across all Facets.